1 Bedroom

1 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 380 Sq Ft

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The designs, size, shape etc. will vary with the homes. The two main factors that don’t vary is the happiness inside the home and the comfort it gives to us. Every one of us must be aware of these two factors no matter what it may be. Size, shape and designs can be built with money and bricks, but happiness, a cute little smile should be there inside your shelter to turn a house to a home. 


Here we are introducing one such sweet home with a single bedroom facility. This house suits a small family who is looking for a small home with all the necessary facilities to live in happily. 

The given for the above design doesn’t have a sit out provision, you can improvise in a suitable manner for your concepts and ideas. The entrance will lead one to a well spacious living room, to the straight of the entrance is the dining space, to the left of dining table is the kitchen and to its right is the master bedroom with attached bathroom facility.

Credits: Ojo Builders.

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