1000 Sq Ft Beautiful House In 4.5 Cents At 14 Lakhs

Not every house has the propensity to impress everyone like this house. The house never showed up a taste of curves, yet all the sharp edges make it eccentrically awesome. The exterior wall has a unique brick texture like design since this house is made interlocking bricks. Everything from its tip to toe, from sit-out to the balcony are designed uniquely.


The plan covers an area of 1000 Sq Ft and represents this beautiful outturn. It comes with the attention of the slight slanting front window not to seek outsider’s attention. Its a  single storied house in 1000 Sq Ft within a plot of 4.5 cents with an estimated amount of 14 Lakhs.This house consists of a hall, kitchen, 2 Bedrooms and a drawing room. Both the bedrooms are provisioned with the attached bathroom facility.


White and yellow colours are used as the themes of this house which lightens ups the house. It is facilitated to climb up to the terrace. Steel frames are used in the window panel instead of the wooden frames which will help to save about 30% of the cost outcome. Thr filter slabs have been used in the rooftops. And steel railings is provisioned to climb up to the stairs.

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