2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1000 Sq Ft

The “dream home” of today has come a long way from postwar tract homes with cookie-cutter features. Most Americans now want homes that express their individual style and are loaded with modern, high-end finishes. These include solid-surface counter tops, spa-like bathrooms, and chic industrial fixtures. A good house is a house that makes the dweller feels so comfortable.
The home is often the dream of a human being and spending lifelong savings to build a home. The construction cost is the root cause of all the difficulties. Here, we’re going to let you have a peek at a two-bedroom house that could take your breath away.
Take a look at this low-cost house that was beautifully made. It could take millions to make a similar one at this point in time! It should be noted that the prices of building materials are increasing day by day making it impossible for the common man.
The house is designed with a contemporary basis with the white and grey theme. And the house is decorated with the well-maintained courtyard. A car porch is available with the glass roofing to highlight its contemporary appearance. Two bedrooms among one are bath attached, Drawing room, kitchen, work area, Dining Room and a sit out are the provisions in this house.

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