4 Bedroom Double Floor Home Design At 1018 Sq Ft

 Now, this is a dream come true for all those people out there who are planning to take a small plot. Designing an affordable home should be no different than designing any other home.
You should always be mindful of the cost implications of your decisions and look for ways to reduce costs without compromising on project goals. Consider this design that makes use of a 2 cent plot for building a 4 bedroom double floor home. It would cost around 13 lakhs only.
Have a look at the wonderful plan! The ground floor occupying around 499 square feet includes a sit out, hall, stair, and a bedroom. The house lacks a porch which is not an issue at all. To balance the sit out is made undeniably beautiful.
The hall is way more spacious than the other rooms. Going upstairs, it took 518 square feet considering the first floor. The upper living room is a blessing. There are three bedrooms out of which one is bath attached. Thus, the simplicity doesn’t fail to blend in well with the rest of the house.

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