3 BHK Single Floor Modern Home Design At 1108 Sq Ft

This is a single floor house with 1108 Sq Ft. It is a contemporary style home with 3 Bedrooms. It is a well-executed plan utilizing every inch of space available. The home design starts with a sit out leading a path towards the Living Room. Living Room is connected with the Dining Hall. Before entering the dining hall, a bedroom is plotted there with a common bathroom. Common Bathroom was provided there for the convenience of guest when they gather up in the dining hall.


The second bedroom is provided with the bath attached facility. From the dining area, it leads a path towards the kitchen where the kitchen is attached to a storage facility. The third Bedroom is planned to the opposite of common bathroom. Where it is not a bath attached bedroom. The house is facilitated by a large car porch and the landscaping is just awesome. The car porch has a slanting roof which is to be noted.


There is pillar supporting the house designed with wall cladding tiles. The house is given its maximum ventilation which gives the house a lively appearance and presence. The house is given a white and grey theme and the entire home plan is contemporary styled.

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