4 BHK Nalukettu Model Single Floor Home Design At 1500 Sq Ft

This house is plotted in a total area of 1500 Sq Ft. This house is a single storey house with four bedrooms with the Nalu Ketu Kerala style. The house well designed and planned by a genius as well as an innovative thinker. As requested by the client’s requirement, the designer set up his plan and utilized all the spaces needed to accomplish the client’s requirements and satisfaction.


The house was entirely designed in a Kerala concept with the well-known Nalukettu design implementation. According to the Kerala style, the sit out is explained as poomugham. Where a Poomugham has a verandah connected to its left and right. From the Poomugham it gives a way to the Living room with the courtyard. This place gives a central passage area which has an access to the surrounding rooms from there. This actually represents the concept of Nalukettu. There are 4 Bedrooms available in this house. Among those, one has bath attached bathroom and one common toilet. The other three doesn’t have any bath attached bathrooms. There is a Kitchen with the work space.


Besides the kitchen, there lies a Dining area with the nice furnished dining table. The bedroom which has the attached bathroom is the master bedroom. There is a well-occupied car porch. The roofing too follows the Kerala style.

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