1750 Sq Ft 3 BHK Single Floor Modern Beautiful Home Design and Plan

Sloped roofs are a style of modern house roofs that look great and maximize natural light.Here is the budget friendly 1750 sq ft single storied sloped roof 3 BHK home.

Materials used for construction:-

Tiles for flooring
Brick walls
Concrete roofs (front portion roof tiles layed)
Pillar cladding
Wooden doors and windows


Reference with the above plan,entrance with sit out & porch than entering to a spacious living cum dining area, 2 attached bedrooms, study room, kitchen, work area, store room, outside staircase etc. The entrance area sloped tile roof than back side half portion flat roof and half portion curved roof.

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  1. Litto says:

    Need to know the budget for this 1750 sqf 3 bhk

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