1970 Square Feet Double Floor Home Design

The Home Design given below has 1970 Sq ft, which is a Double Floor Home Design. It is calculated that it can be done with an estimated amount which is less than 35 lakhs. The Home Design comes with exclusive specifications. Let us check the specification in this design. It has a Ground Floor with 1050 Sqft. The Ground Floor is extended with a Porch outside which is much spatial to have cars and other vehicles. The Ground Floor includes a sit out. The other specifications specified here are Drawing Room which can be used for leisure time. A Dining Room accompanies the Ground  Floor where all the family members can have a great time with this spatial arrangement.


There are 3 Bedrooms available downstairs. Out of three, two bedrooms have attached bathrooms. One Bedroom doesn’t have bathroom instead provided as a common one which can be utilized by the guest too. The other available rooms make a Kitchen, Work Area, and a store. Kitchen and work area makes a good space for one to work freely. The store is arranged in a way that it can hold lots of utensils, objects, and other materials. The above-described rooms make a wonderful ground floor.

Now, moving on to the First Floor. 920 Sq ft measurement is estimated for the first floor. The measurements for the first floor is less when compared with that of the ground floor. The first floor has a balcony, Upper Living, 2 Bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and an Open terrace. Total Area available is 1970 Sq ft with an estimated cost 35 lakhs.

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