1987 Sq Ft 4 BHK Modern Double Floor Home Design And Plan

If you’re one of those people who is deciding to build a new home over buying an existing one, you’ve probably already been thinking about money and the cost of the building. Designing and building a new, modern home at a budget-friendly price can be a challenge.Let’s take a look at this beautiful double floor home design.The expected construction cost of this house is  25 Lakhs. The design principle would blow your mind! All elements of the design are carefully chosen.
The ground floor has a portion sheltered by a flat roof whereas the roof of the first floor is a sloping roof. In particular, about the pillars holding the sit out space, it’s been a square cylinder with the wall cladding decorations matching up with the colour themes used.
Here, we got two bathrooms attached bedrooms on the ground floor. The ventilation provided is splendid. We have a direct access to the kitchen from the dining hall. A spacious sit outcomes along too. Going upstairs, the balcony is the centre of attraction, close to the bedroom. Another bath attached bedroom lies close to the stairs.

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