2 BHK Contemporary Modern Home Design At 1500 Sq Ft

Hey everyone! We have brought you the details and specs of a beautiful 1500 Sq Ft Kerala home. This is a modern villa comprising of 2 bedrooms(one in the first floor and one in the ground floor) and 3 bathrooms. This design also comes with a wonderful work area close to the kitchen on the first floor. Overall, this is a great inspiring design and is provided at its best.


It can be afforded by almost anyone looking to build a house of their own. But the architect has designed it in such a beautiful way that it looks more like a luxury house.   It has not even a hint of curves either, which accentuates its contemporary design.


The sophisticated modern design enhances the simple architecture of the entrance. The enchanting main entrance becomes the entrance to wake up.


As a whole, the house looks all the more plush and beautiful. Anyways one can prefer this house other than those mainstream houses.

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