2 BHK Contemporary Style Home Design At 1200 Sq Ft

Inspired by the sharp edges and fine lines of a square, highlighting a very beautiful Kerala home design for a very pleasing flat styled house. It doesn’t have many extravagant pillars, and the very few present are slightly designed with a distinctive design that could be seen even on the walls next to the main entrance and on the first floor walls. The balcony railings are simple and plain.


Parallel iron bars have been used with concrete which is positioned on the edges of the balcony to complete their look. You’ll also note the absence of a large number of pillars and will find only some positioned next to the entrance. The roof of the car porch is to be noticed because it is a flat roof with a contemporary design.


This house is packed with a beautiful roofed porch facilitated to park one vehicle, an expansive living room giving way to the dining area. And two spacious bedrooms one with the attached bathroom facility and the other sharing the common bathroom. There is a kitchen which has a direct access to the dining area.

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