2 BHK Kerala Style Low Budget Home Design For 10 Lakhs At 700 Sq Ft

Here you are, what you are looking for, exactly a contemporary and eccentric house elevation within your budget, Of course, this could be your best bet. Unlike any other house in our neighbourhood, this is somewhat unique from others. This house owes some distinctive factors which makes everyone into a bliss. The house is plotted over an area of 700 Sq Ft, following a modern contemporary style, still matching with all the Kerala style traditions as well. The sit out area is sheltered with a steeply sloped roof and the remaining is made by a flat roof.


The roof is highlighted with the help of the border which runs throughout the roof. A stunning design is applied in the triangular juncture of the roof with parallel black stripes. And also some arches are given in the entrance. Not many pillars are seen throughout the house, only two in the front supporting the sit out portion.


The pillars are designed with the granite claddings on the top as well as the bottom-most part. the entire house is made available for a sit out, living room, an expansive dining room, a2 bedroom with attached bathroom facility, a kitchen, a storage space, and a work area.

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