2 BHK Low Budget Home Design At 1054 Sq Ft

An incredible house like this will come to you once in a while. It is exquisitely pleasing and can be made together on a low budget.  In short, it could be afforded by almost anyone looking for a low budget single storey house. On first look, you may feel that this is a double floor house. But it is not, since the designer has masterfully planned to make use of the plan to be a single floor in an area of 1054 Sq Ft.


There are very few cuboidal pillars supporting the sloped roof in sit out and the porch and they bring in a rare beauty to the entire house. Though the pillars are simple and plain they are used to highlight and also be used to decorate the house. Since the roof slopes slightly, this makes the house look taller than it actually is.


But its borders are the most unique of all. They are simple, yet beautiful in their own way. A similar extended roofing design is also found shading the windows externally. Altogether this house provides 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a beautiful porch, compact sit out, comfortable living area, an expansive dining, and an incredible kitchen with a work area.

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