2 BHK Low Budget Home Design At 480 Sq Ft

Constructing a house from the scrape could be expensive, but not when you build a house similar to this one. It not only is budget friendly one but also pretty lovely for a single storey house. Following the modern architecture, the house has no visible curves since it is constructed with its sharp and defined corners. All the essential portions of the house are covered in the entire plan making it one of the best home with a low budget target.


However, grey granite claddings are embedded on several walls surrounding the windows, making it look more elegant. On top of it is an open terrace, and it is bordered with a beautiful hand railing which is simple and alluring.


The entire home plan is made to cover an area of 480 Sq Ft which gives away best facilities for a family. The house plan composed of a porch, sit out, warm and comfortable living room, an expansive dining area, 2 bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen.

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