2 BHK Single Floor Low Budget Home Design At 882 Sq Ft

Restricting a single storey, Kerala house to 882 Sq Ft couldn’t have done better than this beautiful plan. It has a limiting design that would combine exactly into a traditional neighbourhood in Kerala. It’s almost impractical to find a house that is both alluring and economical like this house.This single floor house is planned to spread across an area of 882 Sq Ft and looks every nook and cranny as majestic as a Kerala home with its eccentric design.


The sloping roof is attractive, yet it is the traditional arch placed high on the porch that makes it impressive. Only one pillar is seen holding the sit out, and the designs found on their cuboidal body go well in line with the entire design of the house.


The walls of this house are made plain, but they aren’t dull because of fewer features were added to bring in a glow to the entire house. 2 bedrooms are expected to be put up, along with a porch, sit out, living area, dining room, bathrooms, modular kitchen, workspace and an open terrace.

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