2 BHK Low Budget Home Design At 903 Sq Ft

Are you looking for a unique and alluring Kerala house?  Then I would like to say that your search had just ended up here. Come on! let’s have a close look at this single storey house spread across an area of 903 Sq Ft. It is composed of 2 comfortable bedrooms with the same number of bathrooms as well. The structure and elevation look amazing with the sharp edges though it doesn’t own any curve for itself.  All the keen edges make the house more clarified, and all the more modish. The exquisite lines across the edges of the side shades of this house make it nothing but plain.


Even the hand railings on the terrace seem to be nothing but a simple plain wall same as the walls all over the house. You might also take notice the steel railings on the main entrance or near to the sit out area. These railings are also made much simpler because the designer aimed to build the house with much simplicity. Granite embedded pillars are seen in front of the main entrance holding up the porch roof.


They give out as another innovative design of this architect. There is not even a pinch of the roof to be seen, which doesn’t mean that the designer has blotted out it. The entire house plan is composed to have a compact sit out, a comfortable living room, an expansive living room, two bedrooms one having attached bathroom facility and the other sharing the common bathroom, a kitchen and a work area.


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25 Responses

  1. Mujeeb Rahman says:

    Please send me this home plane.
    Very like the idea. iwant a home in low cost

  2. Sreejith Sasidharan says:

    please contact in 0096897679729

  3. Sreejith Sasidharan says:

    contact in 0096897679729

  4. Abhilash says:

    Good plan

  5. Rajeev says:

    No contact number

  6. Ramesh says:

    Please give the details…..

  7. Jose says:


  8. SHEEBA SABU+ says:

    i like this house very much. how much rs need?

  9. JOSE GEORGE says:

    I like this model . How can contact this builders . This is ma contact no:8086407993

  10. RajeshRajendran says:

    How can contact this builders,my phone 9497732401

  11. Satheesh krishna says:


  12. Saji Gopalan says:

    Shall i get the contact no. My number is 8156888524

  13. Murugan says:


    I looking for builders. 2 or 3 bedroom house Budget house.

  14. Vishnu K t says:

    Pls sent your contact number

  15. Pls send ur number says:

    Pls contact. 9048618484,

  16. Kadam says:

    9623169920 plz call me

  17. Mangaldas Naik says:

    Very nice design. I liked it very much

  18. Mangaldas Naik says:

    I want to renovate my old house. I have drawing of old house which has to be renovate. I woukd like to use your planning to renovate my old house.
    Waiting for your reply


    ple cantactct me i am interested to build

  20. Divya says:

    Very nice designs
    630 sq ft models

  21. Rashid Pmchina says:


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