2 BHK Low Budget Home Design At 947 Sq Ft

Here’s a blend of both traditional and modern Kerala house, designed to be etched into your memory within a blink of an eye. A major part of the house is made simple and plain. And also the simplicity of the house isn’t uncommon, it brings in a mood of majestic allures that’s hard to find. The designer planned to use both the sloped and the flat roof simultaneously and used effectively.  The sunshade is sloped like a roof and the sit out portion of the house is made steeply sloped roofs and the open terrace is surrounded by the flat roofs.


The windows were not given separate shades and also the windows are in many numbers making the interior of the house lively. Only one pillar is seen throughout the house holding the sit out portion which is nearly compact.


The entire house plot spreads across an area of 947 Sq Ft and the house is planned to have many provisions like a small sit out, a warm living room, a spacious dining area, 2 bedrooms with attached as well as the common bathroom facilities, a  work area, and open terrace.

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