2 BHK Low Budget Modern Home Design For 10 Lakhs

You can peacefully and comfortably live in style with a house like this. The house is entirely made of inspiration on a word, simplicity. This house has its own distinctive beauty and structure. The designer has managed innovatively to put it together without a single sign of curves. The entire house is sheltered using both the flat as well as the sloping roof. the sloping roof is given a beautiful alluring border which is the only existing curves found in this house.


Both the roofs made the house to stand out with its distinctive structure among from other neighbourhood house. The house provides a pillar which stands in front of the house holding the roofs of the sit out. The pillar is cylindrical in structure and having some curves and grooves as its designs.


The entire house is planned to provide all the necessary needs for a small family. The house consists of a sit out, a warm spacious living room, an expansive dining room, 2 bedrooms with both having attached bathrooms, a kitchen, a workspace and an open terrace.

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