2 BHK Low Budget Modern Home Design At 1350 Sq Ft

Here’s an exceptional Modern contemporary style home design put together with the latest architecture. It doesn’t have any softness of curves to make it shine. The sharp edges and fine lines are doing a great job. Nowadays, Like many modern homes which is build of inspiration towards lack of curves, however, this house too, has a flat roof that can’t be seen. It is really meant to serves to heighten the box shape of this house and its refined architecture.


Barely two pillars could be found and the entrance to the house is supported by two plain cuboidal pillars. On top of it is an open terrace that’ll charm you with its simple design. The designer has somehow well managed to make the rest of the house bare, simple and amazing. For those who crave the luxury of lucidity, then this house would be the best one.


Both its storeys cover an area of 1350 Sq Ft within which it hosts 2 bedrooms, bathrooms, a car porch, for one vehicle, warm and comfortable living space, spacious dining, modular kitchen, work area, beautiful open terrace.

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