2 BHK Low Budget Single Floor Home At 756 Sq Ft

Look at this house, it will surely make you do a double take with its rare design. From its roof to its floor and to its balcony everything is eccentric in a different way. Like most modern contemporary houses, the roof of this house has unique slopes. The designer has almost converted a simple plain design into an elegant and stylish beauty that’s very hard to find. Two types of roofs have been used throughout the storey.


But the thing that makes it awesome and stands out from the rest is the way one of the roofs is positioned only to one side. The roof is directed skywards and it looks like a huge slide on a kiddies playground. The building always heightens its beauty with its edges and fine lines.


The absence of curves and with the flat roof of this house resembles the contemporary architecture. And also the small square shapes are also used to highlight the modern uniqueness of the windows which is used to remove the sense of plainness from the overall design. According to the plan, the house accommodates a good welcoming living room which is separated from the dining room with just one wall. And there are two bedrooms and a stair near to the dining area to climb up to the portion the first floor.

Credits : Manoramaonline

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