2 BHK Low Budget Single Floor Home Design At 900 Sq Ft

Not every house has the capability to influence each and everyone like this house. As a matter of fact, it’s a small compact villa spreading across an area of 900 Sq Ft, covering 2 comfortable bedrooms, an expansive dining and a drawing room. Throughout the house, many supports are given here and there helping to have the house look great and it serves to heighten the house. These supports are made of stainless steel or other metals.


The entire house is sheltered using a steeply sloped roof having the framework os those metal brass all over the roof.  Even the triangular juncture is given the metallic brass support and it is designed in a special way that it supports and gives an alluring touch the same time.


A metallic grill is given throughout the verandah portion as well.  The entire plot is planned to spread over an area of 900 Sq Ft and the house is plotted in such a way that the house has all the necessary facilities needed for a small family to occupy peacefully.


The house consists of a narrow verandah that runs all around the house, a comfortable living room, a dining space, 2 bedrooms with common bathroom facility and the kitchen with an adequate storage facility.

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