2 BHK Modern Home Design At 900 Sq Ft

Enquiring for a budget family friendly home design? What about a single storey design? It is very difficult to find a house that is both alluring and low budget like this house. The single floor spreads across an area of 900 Sq Ft and looks every part as majestic as a Modern home with its eccentric architecture.  Nowadays, people are behind the single floor designs for there love for it, especially seen in Kerala.


Everything from its crook to cranny is decorated and well maintained in its vibe. Especially the walls are made simple, yet they are put together in a distinctive manner.  You’ll come to have a look about the plainness of walls still they go well with the entire design of this house.This small area of 900 Sq Ft can accommodate a spacious sit out, a well pleasant living room, a dining space with a direct access to the kitchen, the kitchen having an adequate space allotted for the work area, 2 Bedrooms, one having attached bathroom facility and the other sharing the common bathroom placed near to it.


It is designed with an alluring sloping roof with a combination of a thick border to go with it. Altogether they proof to heighten the softness of this low budgeted house. Those two granite pillars adjacent to the main entrance literally shines next to the decorative plain walls of the overall house.


Credits : KHD & AmVi Infra

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