2 BHK Modern single Floor Home At 957 Sq Ft

Looking for a compact simple house for two or three? Or for a cute little family? Then check out this elevation of a remarkable house that won’t cost you much. Since it looks the most modern house it doesn’t have a flat roof but has a flat open terrace. It does have a sloping roof decorating the ground floor.The triangular juncture portion of the roof is designed with an astounding circle like pattern accompanied with the vertical line designs that are unique to this house alone. The windows are provided with the external shades that seem to have stolen the pattern from the extended room roof at the first floor.


Two alluring granite cladding pillars are used in the porch area, accompanied by an arch similar to the roofing, decorate the entrance to this house. The granite pillars are given some unique design with some horizontal railings that match with the triangular juncture portion vertical line design.


From the porch, we enter into the sit out portion was a granite seating is available with some designs down the walls that match the entire home design. Sit out leads to a welcoming living room where it gives way to the dining room. Two bedrooms are provided in the design where both the bedrooms have direct access to the dining area. One among the two bedrooms has an attached bathroom facility. The dining area also has direct access to the kitchen. The kitchen is also provided with the work area. Near to the common bathroom area is provisioned the stairs to step up to the Open terrace.

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