2 BHK Simple Double Floor Low Cost Home Design

A low budgeted home will be he most convenient and stress free planning for their entire life. Here is one such plan with all the necessary facilities, and the spacious one too. Since it is a double stored home design, its spacious capacity is well maintained. The house seems to be modern with the contemporary touch in it. The house lack curves rather it owns with sharp edges and fine linings.


There are a common sun shade running all around the ground floor, yet in some part external windows are given separate shadings, which will never ruin the beauty of the house. There are not many pillars seen in this house, the one’s present are shaped sharp and simple with no designs in it.


The plan given here clearly explains the provisions done in this home design. The house is given a car porch, a living room, a  common bathroom, a kitchen, a dining space, a work area, and moving upstairs, 2 bedrooms both with attached bathroom facility, a balcony and a terrace.

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