2 BHK Single Floor Contemporary Home Design At 957 Sq Ft

It’s hardly possible to have a house that is both alluring and economical like this house. It is a single floored house that occupies an area of 957 Sq Ft and looks every nook and cranny as magnificent as a Kerala home with its unique design. The sloping roof is yet another noticeable factor which highlights the house. And also a circular void in the wall of the car porch is also a unique design among all the house design. Two main pillar-like structure is used in the car porch area with some designs engraved in it and also having a granite cladding designs.


The sit out portion of the house is supported by a single cuboidal structured pillar which heightens the house structure. A nice cool sitting area is prepared with all the designed engraved in the wall below it, showing out the decorations of the house. The triangular juncture of the sloping roof is given a simple design which shows away from the simplicity of the entire house.


The house is provisioned with all the necessary facilities like a car porch, a sit out area, a warm welcoming living room, a kitchen with a dining room near to it for the ease of serving, a storage room, 2 bedrooms, and an open terrace.

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