2 BHK Single Floor Contemporary Style Home Design At 1100 Sq Ft

This is an elegant design and plan of a Kerala Contemporary Styled house that will never put you down when compared to your neighbourhood. The entire house is made of sharp edges and solid lines with all the possible contemporary styles sinking in the house. The house looks like square blocks with all the blocks arranged in some particular pattern.


There are not many pillars seen throughout the house and also, in particular, the pillars are somewhat different from the other pillars because it is lean towards the upper end and bigger cuboidal structure towards the bottom part. The entire house is plotted across an area of 1100 Sq Ft with all the facilities and necessities for a small family to live in under this shelter of the house calmly.


The walls all around the house are plain and simple but for sure some parts are having granite claddings decorating some phases. The house consists of a car porch, a sit out area, a living room with a connection towards the dining room and 2 bedrooms.

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