2 BHK Single Floor Contemporary Style Home Design At 700 Sq Ft

Limiting a single floored Kerala house to 700 Sq Ft, then you couldn’t have imagined better than this wonderful plan. It has an elegant and simplistic design that’d blend right into your neighborhood in Kerala. No curves can be seen except for the only one present in the frontal portion of the house. The roofs used here is of two types, the one used in the front portion of the house, which is for the sit out, and the remaining were all sheltered using the flat roofs.


The entire house plan screams out simplicity, and the walls seem to be plain and bare. In order to balance the entire designs in it, the house pillars which are seen here and there are designed with the granite claddings. Even some walls are filled with the granite cladding designs which makes the entire house to look alluring.


The entire house is plotted over an area of 700 Sq Ft with all the facilities available. The house plan consists of a compacted sit out area, a warm comfortable living room sharing space with the dining room, a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and a kitchen.

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