2 BHK Single Floor Contemporary Styled Home Design At 850 Sq Ft

If you’ve always wondering houses with an eccentric, creative architecture, then this house will for sure earn your commendation. The entire house is designed in a peculiar manner with a contemporary style on it. The house is made beautiful with all the possible designs they could add on. All the walls of the house are made simple and bare making it look elegant and stunning with the simplicity. Few walls of the house are designed with the granite claddings, and also some pillars are seen here and there serves to heighten the house.


Almost to the half of pillars are designed with parallel lines, and the windows are yet another special factor that will enhance the beauty of the house. The entire house is planned to plot over an area of 850 Sq Ft with a stunning curvy roof which is a distinctive factor when compared to the other house from the neighbourhood.


The house consists of a sit out, a warm living room, a dining space, 2 bedrooms with attached as well as common bathroom facility, a kitchen with attached storage and work area,  and an open terrace.

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