2 BHK Single Floor Contemporary Styled Home Design At 903 Sq Ft

Dreaming of building a house that’ll make you call it a home, then you should check this house design and plan. The entire house is made inspired by sharp edges and solid lines. It seems like a home built with blocks and square pieces. The house is made with simplicity and elegance, which ensures a contemporary style home design. Every wall in this house is either way decorated with the wall claddings and granite pieces.


There are few pillars seen supporting the house which ensures the beauty of the house, these pillars are cuboidal in shape and as well as decorated with the same pieces of granite claddings. The external window is given a separate elongated shading to protect the interior of the house from harmful sun rays.


The house is planned and plotted across an area of 903 Sq Ft with all the necessary facilities for a happy family. The house is provisioned with a car porch, a sit out, a warm welcoming living room, a dining room placed near to the kitchen, a storage room, a work area, 2 bedrooms with both attached and common bathroom facility and an open terrace.


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  1. Joshan says:

    What will be the budget for this house ?.Could you pls call me in 9008864607 to discuss

  2. Joshan says:

    Could you please share the contact details to 9008864607

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