2 BHK Single Floor Home At 1001 Sq Ft

If you are searching for the charm behind a simple and plain design, then why shouldn’t you look at this house and it could be your best bet. It is actually well known for its lucidity and hence, inexorable, costs less. The absence of curves are the first noticeable factors about this house. Nevertheless, the designer has taken great care to design properly with the fine lines and sharp edges.  This house has a fusing effect for both flat and sloping roofs and makes an ideal effect. It fuses in a way that sloping roofs will go perfectly with the flat roofs.


The balcony walls also have the same effect with its solid and simple design. Every window of the house is provided with the external shades that are simple triple borders to decorate it. Not many pillars could be found, only two is seen in the sit out area and are they show the definition of very basic cuboidal pillars.


The entire house covers an area of 1001 Sq Ft. It is to be noted that the first floor is barely there and it should be considered a half-floor instead. Some of the provisions of this house include a porch with parking space for one vehicle, compact sit-out, a welcoming living room, an expansive dining room, 2 comfortable bedrooms with 1 attached luxury bathroom, a pantry kitchen with a convenient work area and store, spacious balconies and a wide open terrace.

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