2 BHK Single floor Home At 842 Sq Ft

For those who are searching for the beauty beyond a plain and simple design, come this is the end of your search and this house could be your best stake. Since it is well known for its plainness and simplicity it is inevitably, costs less. The main artefact you will surely notice about this house will be the absence of curves.


This is a salient and accessible villa at just 842 Sq Ft. This Kerala house design consists of 2 bedrooms. And so we would surely like to suggest this design for those who are searching for a moderate accessible home.


The flat open roof is not only styled to be eccentric but also to make the house look all the more modern. The open terrace is having a perimeter wall designed with steel railings. There are very few pillars holding up the car porch. The pillars are designed in a very simple as a cylindrical shape. This simple house contains 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom facility, an expansive living room, a dining room and a kitchen.

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