2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1000 Sq Ft

Architectural designers can entwine miracles on the surface of a home and this house could be the best impressive example. This house comes with the strong inspiration for the sharp edges and the square designs which ultimately make it look simple. The entire house is made without any clue of curves, making it perfect sharp throughout was the main aim. The walls of the open terrace are designed with square blocks, and with some beam blocks projecting outwards just above the entrance area.


Every window in the house is given separate shades, one among them is caved inside a box which is placed just in front of the house. Few pillars are found in front of the house holding the car porch area as well as the sit out area. Both the pillars are given granite cladding designs to almost to its half portion and are cuboidal in shape.


The entire house plan spreads over an area of 1000 Sq Ft and provides a car porch, a sit out, living room, dining area, 2 bedrooms with the common as well as attached bathroom facility, a kitchen, a work area, and an open terrace.

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