2 BHK Single floor Home Design At 1075 Sq Ft

Here the house is meant to simply steal your breath away. This house is a blend of clarified and stylish design that it makes it unendurable to look away. There is not even a single curve to be seen and it highlights the allure of all the keen edges found throughout the house. The house is given separate shadings for every window since thee shadings matches well with the entire house. The car porch of the house is given a separate sloping roof with its triangular juncture having some designs within it.


The house is made in a simple eccentric manner with all the elegant designs in it. The house is plotted and spread across an area of 1075 Sq Ft. The house consists of all the necessary needs for a small family to live inside comfortably.


The house is provided with a car porch, a sit out, a living room, a dining area, 2 bedrooms with attached as well as the common bathroom facility, a kitchen, a storage space, and an open terrace.

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