2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 733 Sq Ft

Here’s an alluring design and plan for a simple single storey 2 BHK Kerala house. The entire set up is meant to build on a 733 Sq Ft piece of land that offers adequate space to live perfectly.  It has a nominalistic design that mixes up modern into a traditional neighbourhood in Kerala. Though it is a single storey house, it seems like one and a half floored house. There is a room on the terrace which makes a  way through to the terrace.


Not many pillars are seen all over the house. Few pillars are seen supporting the roof of the porch and the sit out. Everything whether it be the walls, pillars are all designed in a simple way. The pillars are made simple with a cuboidal structure. The walls all around are also given a sweet bare touch, even some walls come up with bare parallel stripes.


The entire house consists of a car porch, a sit out, a warm and comfortable living room, a dining area, 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom facility and common bathroom facility, kitchen, and a workspace.

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