2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 734 Sq Ft

Without the proper design, building a new home will be a tough job. Most importantly, every design will not appear good for everyone. Some designs might look too old, out of taste, or just not feel right. This is an alluring home design that surely will attract its way into one’s heart with its simple and solid design and with the low cost. It is a single storey house that covers an area of 734 Sq Ft.


The beautiful, simple window designs on both the sides and the granite layer at the bottom of the ground floor accompany a unique beauty to this simple home. The three pillars holding the car porch and the entrance up is having a cuboidal shape.


In reality, these pillars give you a grand entrance to the sit out or to the living room, when you step through the main door. On the rooftop, there is an expansive open terrace and the walls covering the perimeter area is having some kind of simple designs.  To avoid the lack of roofing, the car porch is given a separate sloping roof that decorates the front of the house. The plan of this house is composed of the basic facilities for a welcoming living, which includes 2 bedrooms with a common bathroom facility, an expansive dining room, and a kitchen with an adequate space for work area.

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