2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1100 Sq Ft

Designing and planning a house nowadays is not a headache. We are presenting you a contemporary styled home design with all the modern facilities in it. The house is entirely made of square blocks with sharp edges. The house is maintained in a way to capture everyone’s mind.



Almost every walls in this house is made beautiful with some or the other way of designs, cladding as well. From the very front view itself, some parallel lines and granite cladding are seen to decorate the house. A box like structure is provided in every external windows which gives away a modish look as well as a sheltering option. the open terrace is made more attractive with the steel railings.


The entire structure is plotted across an area of approx 1100 Sq Ft with all the necessary facilities. It is planned to start with a sit out portion, a living area, a dining space, 2 bedrooms with both having attached bathroom facility, a kitchen with a work area, and an open terrace.

Credits : SKYLONA
Designer : VIVEK PS

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