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2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1200 Sq Ft

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To the fact that once in our life time we will be in search of our dream home design and plan. At that time we are sure that we will provide your needs. Here we present you a home design which is simple and modern, which will catch hold of your breath since this home is what you exactly want. Not even a single curve can be seen in this home design, rather sharp edges are provided which highlights this home.

Moreover, this home can be set under the contemporary list with all the relevant spaces and needs for a small family to live in. Mostly, every wall is painted plain except for some parallel lined walls. Pillar distribution to this house is very limited instead they compensated with the cuboidal blocks. A straight extension is given as the window shading which is given to all the exterior windows.

This home looks so compacted from the design, but when we go through its plan, we will come through its space benefits which includes a sit out, a living room, 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom, a kitchen with a store room, a dining space and an open terrace.

Courtesy: manoramaonline

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