2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 1200 Sq Ft

Single Floor home designs comes in the topmost position of the most trending houses nowadays. Yet another simple home structure with all the necessary facilities and beauty in it. Though the home looks like a cube, it is well rich in sharp edges and its highlight is that not even a single curve is found in this structure.


Every external windows are given a small projection like beam structure to enhance the beauty of the house. It may look like a contemporary styled home design. An extra of a box like concrete structure is made around the windows to highlight its effect. Not many pillars are seen in this house, the only one present is placed right in front of the house.


Some walls are given some granite claddings and some parallel striped as well. The entire structure covers an area of 1200 Sq Ft with all the facilities. The house has a small  sit out, a living room, two bedroom with attached bathroom as well as common bathroom facility, a dining area, a kitchen, and an open terrace.

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