2 Bedroom

2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 548 Sq Ft

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There will be a great arrangements to be done in order to build a sweet home. First and foremost it could be the provisions a home should have, then moving on will be the plan and its structure. Whatever it may be it should reflect the peace of mind whenever you get inside your home.

Here is such a home with all the necessities to the wish of a small family who is looking forward to a small but enthusiastic structure. The house is a single-storeyed home with a pillar stand supporting right in front of the house. It is given a wall cladding decor to enhance beauty. The walls are striped horizontally with a pattern running throughout the house.

Every external window is given a cabin like structure to give it a shot. This beautiful home has a small sit out, a spacious dining room, 2 bedrooms with a common bathroom, kitchen and an open terrace.

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