2 Bedroom

2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 700 Sq Ft

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We are humans who are in search for a spacious place to live our life happily and comfortably. Unlike other organisms in this world, we will opt for the correct area to spend our life. This 700 Sq Ft is such an optionable space to live in. From the front view itself, we can be assured that it is a calm and beautiful home with all the necessary facility.

The house is made simple and elegant with almost all the factors are made bold and structured. Especially the sunshade area are given a double marginal look with a slanting design. The frontal portion of the house, the sit out is given a pillar which is wall cladding. The basement portion and some portion of the sit out is given some cladding works.

This home which is allotted a space coverage of 700 Sq Ft has a beautiful sit out, a living room, 2 bedrooms with common bathroom facilities, a dining space, a stair to the side of common bathroom area to climb up to the terrace, kitchen, and an open terrace.

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