2 Bedroom

2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 700 Sq Ft

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A modern or contemporary styled home is everyone’s dream nowadays. But to find out the appropriate design and its plan is very difficult and costly as well. For this reason, many of us including you will keep a step back of laziness in order to find your dream design.


Here we are presenting you a sharp-edged home with cuboidal shape and structure which doesn’t even show a  single clue of curviness. Designs used in this home is entirely different from other home structures and designs. Right from the frontal view, it got a window which is projected in s 3D panel. Almost all the windows are given a block structure to increase the elegance as well as to give protection to the inner areas.


With a vague concept of the *reference plan, we can draw a conclusion that it has a small compact sized sit out, a living room, 2 bedrooms with bathroom facility, a kitchen, a dining area, a storage room, and an open terrace.

Design Credits: Austere Builders & Developers

*Plan is added for the reference purpose only.

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