2 Bedroom

2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 702 Sq Ft

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Still confused with the different home design, here is yet another which will for sure make your mind completely blank, to choose. The house is very simple as it is from its first look. It is made for a small family to live in with all the cosy facilities. The walls are made simple there is nothing more complicated other than the basement with some naked brick design.

The same brick design can be seen in the pillar which is placed right in front of the house, near to the sit out portion. The pillar is cuboidal in structure as well as it is made beautiful with the brick pattern it adapted. A common sun shading is given throughout the house for the interiors.

The entire structure is been planned and plotted across an area of 702 Sq Ft with the more cosy facilities. The house is well maintained with a small sit out, a living room, a dining space, 2 bedrooms with common as well as attached bathroom facility, a kitchen, a and an open terrace.

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