2 Bedroom

2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 720 Sq Ft

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Looking for an elegant and simple home design with 2 BHK facility in single storey concept. Here is a cool design which will answer all your dreams, questions and needs. The home is designed in a typical Kerala styled manner with a sharp edge showing not even a single curve. From its very first look itself, we can gather its interior spacing and facilities.

There a pillar provisioned right in front of the house means supporting the sit out portion. The pillar is cylindrical in shape and some curving designs are given on the top and bottom portions. The basement portion is given a rock based design which will highlight its basement area. A common sunshade runs throughout the house sheltering the external windows.

As usual, this home is also provisioned with a small sit out area which leads one to a warm welcoming living room and to the 2 spacious bedrooms having common bathroom facility, a common toilet, a dining space, a kitchen, and an open terrace.

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