2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 750 Sq Ft

Design elements like colour, scale, lighting, carpet, accessories, furniture etc should be considered when we design a beautiful home. Without these elements present, a room will be just a room. This modern contemporary house is painted in white and grey theme. It is one-floor building with Living room, Dining room,  2 Bed Room with 1 common and 1 attached bathroom, Kitchen and work area. There is a stair to the terrace from inside.


There is a great well-maintained courtyard with the car parking facility. Sit out is designed and to give way to the living room connecting the dining room. There are two bedrooms in this single-storey house.


Out of one is bath attached and the other doesn’t have one. One common bathroom is available. A little kitchen with the work area is provided in this plan. The plan of the house is given below with the measurements. The entire house resembles the modern architectural design which attracts the people’s mind.

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