2 Bedroom

2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 790 Sq Ft

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For building a home from ground up we need its home plan and also a vague idea about how it should look like, or what all need it should satisfy etc. And also we will plan our budget in way way that it should never go with an
unexpected out-of-pocket expense. This home structure will give you an idea of its structure, outlook, plan, its facility and almost everything.

We can say this structure is almost a contemporary style with its sharp edges and cuboidal structure. There are two large pillars supporting this structure which stands right in front of the house. It is almost enclaved with wall cladding and mostly it adapts a unique design.

This structure is customised with a large sit out, which leads to a living room then to a spacious dining hall, which gives way to two bedrooms one with the attached bathroom facility and the other having a common bathroom facility, a kitchen with a storage facility and an open terrace.

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