2 Bedroom

2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 800 Sq Ft

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For those family who is looking forward to building their home as an eco-friendly one, here we go. The home plan you were searching is right in front of your eye. It looks great like Kerala traditional style home design, and it is one such. The key factor behind this home is that it is an environmentally low impact home design with control over the thermal insulation.

Nowadays, a common goal of eco-friendly homes is to minimise the negative impact of the surrounding society and environment. There are two cylindrically structured pillars supporting the sit out portion which gives away a strong support look. Here, mud brick is used to build up the structure, which is not harmful to the body and we can inhale without any panic.

This eco-friendly home structure comes out with all the necessary needs for a small family to live in. It has a small sit out, a lovely living room, a well spacious dining hall, 2 bedrooms with common bathroom as well as an attached bathroom facility, and a kitchen with a store.

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