2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 879 Sq Ft

For those who all are looking a tedious and comfort home design, here we come with a most common stylish home design. The house is given a flat typed roof with an open terrace facility to spent leisure time. A sunshade is provided with a design in its lower portion giving an exclusive look.


Every external window is given a separate shading facility which will protect the interior from extra sunlight and raindrops. Few pillars are seen in front of the house with a traditional sit out design which is decorated with wooden panels. The pillars provided are cuboidal in shape and also they are plain and simple.


The entire home design is planned and plotted across an area of 879 Sq Ft with all the necessary facilities for a small family to live in happily. The house is provisioned with a small traditional sit out, a comfortable living room, 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom facility, a kitchen, a work area and an open terrace.


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  1. Swaminathan says:

    Looks to be good. However, in my view, in Kerala though it is being told , some time, some people, with ita overall cost,etc. the fact will always be something else as there cannit be seen any builder who constructs such a few houses/apartments at his/her own cost and then as a gentleman, he can sell it to the general public.

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