1 Bedroom

2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 880 Sq Ft

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Looking for a unique and reasonable type home? Come here’s the best design for your search and a top-rated choice worth considering. It’s been perfectly synchronised with one of the best most trending design, it is way too difficult to look away from this house. Both the modern and traditional architecture was perfectly blended to form this style.


There is only one pillar seen right in the beginning of the house supporting the sit out portion. The sit out portion is also given a wooden hand railing which gives out a traditional touch. The walls are designed and decorated with wall claddings as well as parallel lines. A common sun shade is given to the entire home design.


The entire house is planned and plotted across an area of 880 Sq Ft with all the necessary facilities. the house is provisioned with a small sit out, a living room, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and an open terrace.

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