2 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 899 Sq Ft

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Here is a nice choice for those who all are searching for compact sized home design. This home structure suits to those small family and also those who need their preferences within a small area. This home structure gives a modern outlook with a sloping roof to enhance the beauty of it.

Decorations are given throughout the walls, mostly wall claddings. The triangular juncture of its roof is made attractive with its wooden panelled designs and along with the wall cladding design. Not many pillars are seen in this structure apart from one stands tall right in the sit out area. Almost every window are caved inside a box with a double border and sharp edges to highlight its designs.

The entrance is given a small sit out provision then to a spacious living room arranged in a way to occupy the dining space as well, two bedrooms with bathroom facility, a kitchen, a storage room, a stair to climb up to the open terrace.

Credits: Shine Builders
*Plan is given for reference purpose

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