2 BHK Single Floor Kerala Style Home Design At 1050 Sq Ft

Here’s a simple design of a single storey house that literally glows in its own glory. Everything about it is alluring, but the best part is that it can be put together to cover a small area of 1050 Sq Ft and still provide you with 2  bedrooms with an attached bathroom facility. The house is sheltered using both the sloping type roof and the open terrace. The sloping roofs are mainly used in front of the house.


Few pillars are used in just to support the car porch and the sit out portions. And to note that these pillars are cuboidal in structure and decorated with the granite claddings as well which enhances the beauty of the house. The entire house is provisioned with all the necessary facilities for a small family to live in peacefully.


The provisions include a car porch, a sit out portion, a warm welcoming living room, a dining area placed near the kitchen, the kitchen is provisioned with a storage space and an adequate work area, 2 bedrooms, and an open terrace.

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